Bolivia Fairtrade Organic

This coffee is from the Caranvi region, Centra Illimani.

Grown at an elevation of between 1,450 and 1,550 meters above sea level.

The varietal is Caturra and Criolo, shadegrown under Inga.

This coffee is registered with FLANZ (FAIRTRADE Licensing Aust/NZ), controlled by the regulations governing sales of authentic FAIRTRADE products.

The current Bolivia we have in stock just arrived in late-Nov 2011 and we think it’s an exceptionally smooth, rich and full-flavored coffee – perfectly balanced with a nice sweet finish.

Sometimes a single-origin coffee will be one dimensional – it could be sweet, clean, bright, etc.

Occasionally, we come across a bean that is very complete – able to stand alone with complex flavors and superb balance.

This Bolivia FTO is exceptional.

Acidity: Medium to High

Body: Light to Med

Aroma: Fruit notes with hints of cocoa

Flavour:  Subtle fruit flavors and overtones of malt, cocoa and honey that grow in intensity when the cup cools. Subtle fruit flavors and overtones of malt, cocoa, caramel and honey growing in intensity when the cup cools down

Roaster’s Notes

We discovered this Bolovia from the Montana Verde estate back in November 2010 and it has remained a favorite in our FAIRTRADE lineup ever since.

The current crop Bolovia is higher in acid, making it quite enjoyable in milk.

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