Brazil Ipanema Dulce (Sweet Natural)

Brazil Ipanema Dulce (Sweet Natural), harvested and natural processed is a staple in our coffee portfolio.

We always hold this coffee – more than 1 ton of it in raw state  at all times.

Prepared from a blend of natural processed coffees grown at different altitudes and collected from beans harvested at a late stage after the cherry has already dried on the tree.

A distinct coffee with full body, marked aroma, acidity and excellent sweetness, the Ipanema Dulce makes a perfect choice for straight espresso or serve with milk for hazelnut and chocolate finish.

This coffee is popular for those that prefer a “classic” flavored black or a delightful, sweet medium chocolate in milk.

You can purchase this quality single origin coffee in our online store – please click here to visit for delivery to your door Australia-wide.