Brazil Monte Allegro Natural Raised Bed

Monte Alegre has been a fine coffee producer utilising traditional methods for almost a century. Belonging to the Vieira family, the Monte Alegra Estate was acquired in 1917, and producing some of the world’s finest green bean coffees has been the focus of the Vieira family from this time.

The Monte Alegre plantation is located in the South of Minas Gerais State, of Brazil, in a region noted for its mineral water springs, covering an area of 18,200 hectares, and farmed at altitudes ranging from 3,000 to 3,600 feet.

Unique Location for a Unique Coffee

The location of the Monte Alegre Farm allows for the finest conditions to produce some of the World’s leading coffees, where the special combination of latitude and altitude along with the surrounding mountains provide the plantation with specific micro-climatic conditions not to be found in other parts of Brazil. Seasons are very marked, so that the coffee can flower in spring and grow all through summer. The beans mature in the autumn and are harvested during the winter, producing around 100,000 bags yearly from 7,500,000 Arabica trees of the Mundo Novo, Catuai­, Icatu and Bourbon varieties

Hand Crafted Coffee

The entire plantation is hand-picked, before the cherries are selected, pulped and carefully sun dried for about 40 hours. After this natural drying, the beans are stored in wooden bins, in buildings made of old bricks with a ceramic tile roof, keeping the humidity and temperature ideal to coffee storage. The samples are picked out of the wooden bins and the coffee is processed only a few days before shipment.

A Truly Astounding Coffee

With this procedure, Monte Alegre Farm can guarantee the maintenance of the original flavour and aroma of its coffees. Monte Alegre Farm have three facilities to receive, prepare, dry, and store the pergamino besides the full milling processing: beneficiating, screening, densimetric and colour sorting machines. These unique conditions, combined with almost a century of family tradition and experience, give the coffee of Monte Alegre Farm the mark of best quality: a truly outstanding coffee.

NOTE:- At the end of 2015, we are no longer stocking Monte Alegre coffees.