Uganda Bugusi AA

Bugisu is a region in eastern Uganda where the coffee is grown at moderately high elevations (1,300 to 2,600 meters) on the slopes of Mount Elgon.

Coffees grown at altitude develop into a hard bean that is well suited for darker roasting.

Our arabica Bugisu AA contains considerably more body than most other East African coffees and this body comes with lower acidity making it perfect for straight espresso or long blacks.

Uganda is the 7th largest coffee producer in the world and a large proportion of their crop is robusta, however this arabica is something very special.

Most Ugandan coffee is grown on small farms by women assuming responsibility for growing coffee which often provides the family’s only source of cash.

Over 60% of Uganda’s foreign exchange comes from coffee, and over 30% of Uganda’s population is involved with coffee in some manner.

As the current crop of Sumatrans was about 14% lower due to adverse weather conditions, we are being ultra careful about selecting Sumatrans at the moment and consider Bugusi as a superb alternative with it’s wonderful earthy, rich and bold flavours.

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