Burundi Micro Lot specialty coffee

We are in constant contact with our raw coffee brokers to top up our large range of specialty coffees on a weekly basis.

Often, we just say “tell us the best coffee you cupped in the last week” ?

We have developed a great relationship so that I have high levels of trust in the broker’s own palate.

In this case, the samples were handed to me when the broker came to visit. As we had never tried a Burundi previously, the curiosity was overwhelming to the point I just had to tip these beans into the grinder asap and pull a shot on the espresso machine.

What happened next was one of those memorable moments that makes working with coffee utterly delightful.

In the cup, we tasted a brilliant treacle-flavored sweetness. It reminded me of a classic washed Ethiopian Sidamo, but with more refined complexity – a hint of herbal tropical fruit that makes way to a rounded chocolate finish.

We just had to grab a few bags and run this coffee in our high-end specialty cafes that feature Single Origin coffees. The response so far has been highly successful.

Burundi is a very small, land-lock African country. The volume of coffee produced by Burundi is small compared to their African neighbors, however, the attention and care provided by the farmers to their crop is first-rate.

Carlini Coffee was one of the first companies in Australia to make Burundi coffees available – we have been offering these spectacular coffees for many years now.

Currently, we have two primary micro lot holdings #5 and #7.

The crops we have in our warehouse at the moment have more Swiss-chocolate notes and less of that complex fruit – so they are more suitable to milk-based espresso beverages.

Get in a grab a pack now before it’s all gone.

This coffee can only be purchased in the online store – please click here to visit www.mycuppa.com.au and have your fresh roasted coffee beans delivered fast Australia-wide.

We have the option of standard business parcel or TNT Express freight.