Cuba Altura Navado Reserve

One of our Private Label clients had received a number of requests for some Cuban coffee.

It’s not an easy bean to source – from a country that has significant trade embargoes applied.

The last time we had a fine Cuban on deck was back in 2008 when ARC were operating locally in Australia.

Since that period, we had basically given the Cuban coffees a wide berth – not because they did’nt cup well, but due to the limited supply.

This time round, our broker had a high quality, select reserve available – the respected Altura Navado.

Light in appearance and light in roast depth color even when taken to the edge of 2nd crack.

Smokey tobacco and tons of spice, this one has some bite.

2016 Update – we currently do not have any Cuban coffees in our holdings.

The closest type of coffee we have available in our market leading online store, is the fabulous Mexican Organic or the Nicaragua SHG (Diamond).