Cuba Extra Turquino

There are two types Cuban coffees that are generally imported into Australia – Nevado and Turquino – we have had them both in our warehouse from time to time.

Cuban coffees offer a wonderful smoky tobacco, complex spice and some interesting cup character.

Of the two Cubans – we really enjoy the Extra Turquino for it’s consistent and ease of roasting, but, if the Nevado is roasted perfectly it can show tremendous complexity that is superior to the Turquino.

Only for a limited time.

This coffee is only available to our specialty cafes and select Private Label clients.

In recent times, I have been left under-whelmed by the Cuban coffees imported into Australia. Relatively flat, dull and lifeless spring to mind when tasting current sample lots.

As at 2016, we have no Cuban raw coffee in our portfolio and in the short-term we are unlikely to purchase any more unless we come across something very interesting – in my honest opinion, it’s really just a novelty coffee.

The closest type of coffee we have available in our market leading online store, is the fabulous Mexican Organic or the Nicaragua SHG (Diamond).