El Salvador La Providencia

La Providencia

One of the best El Salvadorian coffees we have cupped in a long time.

Sweet berry from the bourbon varietal offers up a sparking acidic that literally bubbles inside your mouth when it hits your palate.

Milling: Wet process and totally sun dried.

Acidity: Razor sharp

Body: Medium intensity

Aroma /Flavour: rich red cherry notes, lemon citrus, deep rich ripe apricot with a plum finish.

This coffee is only available to our specialty single origin cafe clients.

In 2016, we will be reducing our range of El Salvador coffees due to challenges with supply and quality.

El Salvador has experienced some difficult seasons as a result of the Roya (Coffee Leaf Rust) epidemic that has decimated up to 30 to 40% of the coffee crops. This caused a relatively sharp spike in prices due to demand exceeding supply.

We cupped some El Salvadors in mid and late 2015 and the cup quality was a bit under what we think is competitive in the tough Australian coffee market.

Subsequently, we have focused our holdings on a single lot which is only available in our industry leading online store www.mycuppa.com.au under our El Salvador Single Origins category.

Visit our store today and buy the freshest available premium quality El Salvador coffee available for fast delivery to your door Australia wide.