El Salvador

When we started with coffee, one of the earliest memories was roasting some beautiful El-Salvador beans.

The result was sensational and ever since we have had a special love-affair with El-Salvador coffees.

Being from Central America and high-grown, they are like Guatemala and Costa Rica – small, hard beans that delivery superb sweetness and brighten any cup.

Coffees grown at altitude develop into a hard bean that is well suited for darker roasting.

El Salvador coffees are amongst the best in the world and have variously featured in most Espresso blends used by Country and World Barista champions over the past few years.

This strictly high grown (SHG) coffee and we currently have two beautiful El Salvador coffees on our list – both from award winning farms. – El Angel and Santa Elena

Santa Elena

This lot comes from the farm of Mario Molina Vides located in the region of Santa Ana and Lamatec Volcano in El Salvador.

The farm is relatively small – 21hectares of coffee growing area under the shade of Ingas and Copalchi trees.

The Farm grows two coffee varieties, bourbon and pacas on sandy loam type of soils in the altitude of 1’290m above sea level and having yearly rainfall of almost 3’000mm.

Milling: Wet process and totally sun dried.

Harvest:  January/February 2012.

Acidity: Honey sweet brightness |

Body: Medium intensity

Aroma/Flavor: nutty/almond like wet aromas with melon and currant fruits combination with sweet honey finish

Finca El Angel

These are high altitude beans of almost 1’500 m above sea level, famous to be awarded 6th place in cup of excellence in 2006.

The plantation is located nearby Lamatepec volcano in Santa Ana

Harvest:  January/March 2012.

Milling: Wet process and totally sun dried.

Acidity: Sugar sweet brightness

Body: Medium intensity

Aroma /Flavour: good velvety sweetness, cherry notes, boysenberry, citrus, deep rich ripe fruit, apricot, long finish, milky, velvet dark chocolate.

We also have a small quantity of the outstanding El Salvador La Providentia pulped natural.

Important 2016 Update

El Salvador has experienced a few challenging years – back to back.

The impact of Roya (coffee leaf rust) has been dramatic with up to 30 or 40% of crops needing to be destroyed. The remaining lots were rather difficult to source as the demand well and truly exceeded supply.

We elected to run a low holding on El Salvador coffees in the short term. This decision was driven by 3 key factors – escalating price, limited availability and inconsistent quality.

Basically, we believe the prices being asked for some El Salvadoran coffees is a bit unreasonable and in this respect, we have looked at other origins to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

In terms of quality, it’s still a fair and true statement to declare that El Salvador coffees are sensational. Despite the rebuilding of volumes and inventory (which will only take a few seasons) there are in fact beautiful coffees to be found in El Salvador. My view is that some of the traditional coffees being offered to us during 2015 really did not justify the price premium.

You can purchase El Salvador coffee in our online store – please click here to visit www.mycuppa.com.au