Kenya Peaberry

Kenyan coffees have an impeccable reputation often ranked at the top of the world quality grading system.

Everything about the farming and preparation of Kenyan coffees is first class – there are no compromise on quality or standards with the care and methods used by farmers being the envy of the rest of the coffee producing world.

In some respects, Kenyan coffees sit head and shoulders above the rest – this is well understood and respected by brokers and roasters.

Kenyan coffees command premium prices and for this reason it is not unusual for good Kenyan beans to fetch twice the price of quality arabica from other countries.

There is a richness and intense flavor from great Kenyan coffee beans.

Most roasters will only use small amounts of Kenya coffee in their blends to supercharge flavour and acidity.

This coffee is a peaberry (often referred to as the whole seed of the coffee cherry). Peaberry develops an every stronger infusion.

Acidity: High

Body: Medium to Bold

Aroma: Sweet fruit aromas

Flavour: Rich berry fruit and wine

Roasters Notes:-

Handled with care, this bean will delight with a rich and smooth extraction. We recommend using this in non-espresso brewing methods, although don’t be put off by that statement as it performs very well in an in milk it’s a highly memorable cup that will have you heading back to the coffee machine for a second dose within the hour.

2016 Update – we currently do not have any Kenyan Peaberry available in our holdings.