Sumatra Lake Tawar

This is a super-clean Sumatran – none of the traditional earthy (forest floor) taints.

Big and juicy with a monster flavour punch in one of the sweetest Indos we have ever roasted and cupped.

A very full-bodied coffee with a long, lingering finish. Smokey caramel with hints of raisin and a touch of the spice we have come to love about Indos.

This is a rock-star coffee and can suit a variety of brew methods including syphon, pour-over or espresso.

There are very few coffees in the 90+ point segment offered in Australia. You will be pleased to know this coffee regularly ranks 93+ in official cupping scores.

Being one of the best Sumatran coffees available in Australia, we are pleased to offer it for our clients to enjoy from our Estate Coffee collection.

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