Costa Rica Miramonte Estate

First and foremost, this is a sustainable coffee that is 100% certified Rainforest Alliance.

Costa Rica’s volcanic soils, mountainous terrain and plentiful rainfall provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality coffee beans.

Catuai varietal beans originating from West Valley, Naranjo. Miramonte beans are wet processed and they are cultivated on the elevation of 1’000-1’200 above sea levels.  Best mature beans are picked from October through February and this lot is going to be as fresh and new as it gets.

Miramonte has its real life history embedded in generations of families working in the coffee business.  Its history dates back to 1910 when Mrs Lucila Morales bought Hacienda Miramonte on the county of Heredia.  In this hacienda, the Gurdian Family (great, great grandsons of Mrs Luciala) produced and milled coffee for almost 90 years.

Acidity: Bright apricot acidity

Body: Medium

Flavour:  rich in apricot fruit notes showing outstanding acidity

Roaster’s Notes

Our love affair with Costa Rican coffees continues – we now have 6 different premium grade Costa Rican coffees on offer – all of them superb in their own right.

It’s such a wonderful bean to have as a single origin, it seems a shame to blend it. Perfect with milk

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