PNG Direct Trade

Supply of PNG coffees has always been rather inconsistent due to the challenges in moving the processed raw coffee from the plantations in remote highlands down to the export ports.

As we all know, infrastructure in PNG is a bit haphazard. The roads around the key coffee growing plantations are subject to heavy rains and can wash out many times a year.

This creates major delays in meeting shipping deadlines.

Another key factor influencing PNG coffees are the changes in land use. Currently, there are few, if any, incentives for farmers to grow and sell coffees – they receive minimal cash for their hard work as the local Co-Ops can at times exploit the dire financial circumstances of the poor farmers.

PNG is an exotic land. I traveled and worked in PNG at times during the 1990’s – it was an amazing time for a young man with energy and enthusiasm.

One of the best coffees I have ever tasted in 30 years was a wild grown PNG at Goroka -this bean was a direct descendant from the famous Jamaica Blue varietal – but so much better than any JB I had tasted since.

A few of the larger commercial coffee suppliers in PNG have recently started working direct with coffee roasters – cutting out brokers. This change took place around 2010 and 2011 with the result of inconsistent supply within Australia.

PNG is sought out around the world by the best roasters. There is a simple reason for this demand – the coffees are damn good !

In recent times, I have detected an increase in smoke-taint from the processed raw coffees that are shipped into Australia from PNG. This are some of the highest quality PNG’s available, yet I am disappointed to see this smoke taint. It’s not something that is prominent in the cup to the majority of coffee drinkers, but it’s still a trace.

I have received a number of explanations as to why there is a slight smoke taint, but none of it makes sense, other than Co-ops being careless in their duty to process the coffee to the required standards.

We have started dealing direct with a supplier that offers a magnificent coffee and this bean we are branding as Direct Trade.

The screen size is A-grade, washed arabica coffee beans offering a clean cup from the Typica varietal delivering tropical fruit like sweetness and superb honey/caramel finish with a hint of chocolate.

A superb coffee, PNG and Colombian coffee are our all-time favorites and we are excited to have access to this stunning bean.

PNG’s Arabica coffee is intrinsically a very high quality and is consistently used in most Australian cafe espresso blends.

PNG coffee is renown for providing the “full flavor wheel” experience. Along with Colombian coffees, PNG are one of the few single origins that offer such a broad palate.

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