Tiger Mountain

What else can be said about the Tiger that has not already been written.

A perennial favorite amongst our retail clients – it never fails to impress.

Whilst we went to considerable lengths to compare Tiger Mountain with Elk Hill, they are essentially different coffees.

Tiger is a superb mid-palate coffee that contains a refined acidity working well with milk.

We also have a number of specific varietals from Kalagur Heights and Attikhan Estate – sundried pulped natural 100% Cattimore, Catura and SLN9.

We purchase around 8 tons of Tiger Mountain raw coffees per year and as part of every bag of coffee we buy, a $1 donation is made to the Save the Tiger Foundation (to read more about this initiative, please click here).

The current lot we have in store (late 2015 and early 2016) is without doubt the best we have seen in more than 7 years. Scoring 84 points, it is ranked a clear 3 to 4 points higher than the standard Tiger Mountain.

This was a special one-off lot that we scooped up 4 tons. It’s a very hard, dense coffee that requires a lot of heat to roast, but it generates plenty of clean, classic coffee flavour with an amazing nut and chocolate note.

This coffee can only be purchased at the online store – please click here to visit www.mycuppa.com.au and have your fresh roasted coffee delivered fast to your door anywhere around Australia.

We have both secure business parcel and TNT Express as freight options in our www.mycuppa.com.au store.