Contract Roasting

Every product or service can be out-sourced.

Contract coffee roasting has been around for a long time, but surprisingly it is not a big market segment due to the propensity for people wanting to enter the coffee roasting market.

These new entrants have a belief that “it is simple and easy to roast great coffee” or “I can do it better, faster, cheaper than everyone else”….or they lack the essential levels of trust.

Another reason why there are so many small coffee roasters in Australia is the incorrect assumption that roasting coffee beans can be relatively low-cost and simple to setup. In some respects if can be a cheap setup if you cut corners and do many things by hand – but it’s not sustainable, scalable or consistent.

The reality is that many of the new entrants only consider the purchase price of their small roasting equipment and have no idea of the true, real costs of running a viable coffee company – in other words many of them are running on “make it up as you go along” business plans or survive on the smell of an oily rag.

We receive a lot of calls and emails from consumers claiming inconsistent results from their existing coffee suppliers. In some respects, we believe part of this problem is result of cheap, low quality equipment used by new coffee roasting start-up businesses and the majority is caused by the lack of skills and experience of the person driving the coffee roasting equipment. Unfortunately, it’s the coffee drinking public that are subjected to this “trial and error” or learning process.

It must be an enormous challenge for those who wade through the hundreds of coffee brands to comprise a short-list – a difficult, if not impossible process as everyone promises to be the best – it all looks the same.

To achieve a truly great coffee, roasted with accurate consistency batch after batch, day after day, week after week, you should consider engaging a professional contract coffee roasting provider.

Handing over the responsibility of manufacturing great coffee beans to people who have deeply developed roasting skills, use the best-in-class equipment and source the finest quality green bean coffees frees up valuable time that can be spent at the more important areas of growing a business – improving the customer experience.

Of course, the first step is to establish trust – the sort of trust that as a supplier you desire success for your clients…….that you will always do your best and achieve a better product, because after all the facilitation of contract roasting is ultimately based upon the fundamental and important principles of partnership.

The decision to outsource can provide a solution to a number of business challenges:

  • establishing fixed or controllable cost structures
  • avoiding large capital investments for plant and equipment along with the expensive costs of cleaning and maintenance.
  • remove the issues relating to scalability should your business grow and expand
  • improve quality and consistency
  • free up time enabling a greater focus on the more important and vital role of sales, marketing and customer satisfaction without suffering from constant production conflicts.
  • creates a unique product offering via custom blending or exclusive single origin coffees – today, this specific aspect has become even more compelling in the journey towards differentiation.
  • ability to access additional intellectual property that would otherwise be unavailable, expensive, considerable time-lag (it takes min. 9 months to commission new plant) or even failed to achieve
  • removes the requirements for recruiting, training and retaining staff. Labor issues have become a major problem in the hospitality and manufacturing sectors.
  • operate in a smaller business premises – you no longer need to allocate expensive floor space to house 25 tons of green beans, 5,000 cartons and 30,000 coffee bags – freeing up the area or allowing you to secure a business premises that better suits your cost profile.
  • we provide complete confidentiality for our contract and private label clients – obscuring the identity of the original manufacturer.

Contract roasting suits companies wishing to offer a high quality coffee product without the effort, time delays, expense and risks of developing capability.

In general terms, contract coffee roasting is viable for companies requiring quantities of greater than 4 tons per year of roasted coffee.

This service involves the development and agreement of a defined specification and the subsequent supply and delivery by us to this specification.

We currently provide Contract Roasting of premium grade brands for many other coffee companies. These blends have been developed in a collaborative effort with our clients so that we can prepare the finished product to the agreed and precise specification.

Please kindly note the following important criteria:-

  1. This service is only available to clients that meet certain requirements such as having an existing business operation with ongoing demand for roasted coffee beans.
  2. The service is not available to start-up ventures due to rather significant levels of effort invested by us to create solutions for our customers. In our experience, new coffee startup businesses have extreme risks of failure in terms of not being able to consume (sell) the minimum ongoing volume commitments as the market in Australia is already saturated and being able to sell kilos has become challenging.
  3. We do not provide cheap or low grade coffees used in cosmetics or therapeutic products – we only work with quality specialty grade coffees.
  4. Credit terms can be established after a proven history of reliable payment.