Accurate Packaging Systems

We have dual packaging systems installed within our temperature controlled warehouse.

These systems employ some of the world’s most accurate packaging equipment.

Our packaging line uses extended hoppers for high-volume throughput and we use Pneumatic systems for fast and gentle loading of the roasted coffee beans into the vertical form fill system.

NO COFFEE IS PACKED BY HAND. Many small and medium coffee roasting companies still do hand-packed coffee for reasons we just can’t understand. Maybe they have people standing around doing nothing………but anything hand packed has huge risks of inaccuracy and in some case there are clear food safety concerns.

No coffee beans are touched by human hands in our facility.

Our equipment is designed for rapid batch and bag size changeovers with zero loss of accuracy.

A self-taring function is performed every time a new run is started and during a run cycle the self-tare occurs every 15 packs .

Roasted coffee beans are fragile and brittle. It is important to ensure that whole beans remain intact and our system is the most gentle method of automated packaging, preserving the integrity of the whole bean and reducing the risk of split, broken and damaged beans that accelerate staling and cause inconsistent grinding.

Our packaging line is fully redundant and has the ability to pack more than 1,500 kilos per day.