A list of coffee beans from coffee growing origins.

October 2012

PNG and Colombian – are they the best Single Origins?


If you are looking for a great general purpose bean - one that is well-rounded, complete and offers the full flavor wheel.........what would you pick ? It is a question often posed to coffee roasters.............."what is the best bean ?" Of course, there is no single answer and it's the question I dread as the second most difficult problem to solve after being thrown the "recommend a coffee to me" curve-ball.

PNG and Colombian – are they the best Single Origins?2012-11-24T23:52:53+11:00

The humble stovetop (a.k.a moka pot or caffettiera)


A quality stainless stovetop makes better coffee than most sub $500 espresso machines. Right up front, I declare we currently do not sell moka pots on mycuppa. A couple of days before last Xmas, I was still contemplating the decision of whether to drive from Melbourne to Newcastle as we have done for many years, or fly to save time and energy.

The humble stovetop (a.k.a moka pot or caffettiera)2012-11-24T23:53:06+11:00

Why buy roasted coffee beans online?


Coffee is a fresh food that will stale inside of approved packaging. The only way to ensure fresh roasted coffee is to purchase online from a specialty supplier who places the roast date on the pack. We hear it often..............barely a week will pass without a few callers asking the same question........ "we love your coffee........why don't you put your coffee in the supermarket so we can buy it when we are doing our weekly shopping ?"

Why buy roasted coffee beans online?2016-08-14T01:57:14+10:00
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