Carlini Coffee is a multi-award winning specialty coffee roaster based in Melbourne, Australia.

We are not a small or micro-roaster – in fact by volume we sit in the top 10 – yet, we remain flexible enough to customize a solution to meet just about any roasted coffee requirement and we are amazingly fast !

We operate from a specially engineered industrial Tier-1 facility that is superior to our peers and competitors in the industry and this enables us to apply extreme levels of focus on quality.

It’s not a shop-front, or a small retail business – roasting coffee is a manufacturing operation and requires highly specialist equipment, systems and processes that must be controlled at all times.

We offer a range of dynamic and competitive solutions for customers seeking quality outcomes in the cup.

In order to prepare a consistently quality Coffee outcome, a true life cycle management approach is needed to every stage – from the original sourcing of raw coffees, storage in climate controlled environment, expert precision roasting, accurate packaging and rapid distribution – every step and process has a quality KPI that is measured, managed and optimized continuously.

You simply don’t get that same level of care or focus from a micro-roaster that is operating from a small shop or facility, or from a vast array or new brands/suppliers that have recently entered the market – they lack the knowledge and experience for running an enterprise grade coffee business.

Today, we need to function in a highly saturated Australian coffee market against 2,000 brands and this means we cannot afford to cut corners by sourcing cheap, inferior or poor quality ingredients as it becomes immediately evident to the end consumer when they taste the coffee.

With so many suppliers of roasted coffee, it’s important to keep your product evolving, improving and ahead of the competition, otherwise the high expectations, the fickle and fussy tastes of the educated and sophisticated Australian coffee drinker will quickly look elsewhere – because there are plenty of choices and alternatives there is no such thing as coffee brand loyalty anymore.

We use premium-grade Arabica coffees from around the world and hold a large range of quality Single Origin coffees – from carefully selected small microlots, single estate coffees that exhibit exceptional characteristics, traceable Rainforest Alliance certified, FAIRTRADE certified and a range of highly-ranked Cup Of Excellence lots for specialized requirements.

Our solutions are not suited to everyone – therefore as a rule, we don’t engage with clients seeking a dirt cheap package because we know from experience that poor tasting coffee just does not sell in Australia, regardless of the domain or circumstances.

Nobody wants to be left stranded with unsold products, so for these reasons we will politely decline the “race to the lowest price” challenge and happily refer them onto other large-scale contract roasters that churn out bland, sausage-factory coffees at a cheap price.

In life, you get what you pay for and in the coffee industry there are no secret methods, formulas or hidden gems that can be leveraged or exploited to deliver a material advantage over another supplier – it all comes down to the quality/cost of ingredients and supplier skills.

Our roaster has been working with coffees for more than 38 years and he is regarded as one of the best in the business.

We are happy to talk and work with companies, brands and cafes that successfully demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality coffee. For these clients we can deliver exception value by focusing on higher grade of raw coffee and prepare the product at a competitive price point and more importantly our skill at consistency is unmatched.

Those clients that desire something unique and distinctive (which by the way is getting harder to achieve in the coffee market), allows us to apply 38 years of coffee experience in designing a customized solution for their coffee needs.

Most importantly, we offer total discretion in our dealings with every customer – your brand and business is important and you don’t want someone hijacking that success with their own marketing initiatives – our services remain confidential.

All our coffees are prepared using precise profiling on our best-in-class, fully computerized, modern roasting equipment. Our infrastructure is fully redundant and considered among the best in Australia – ultra clean, cool, controlled and always precisely accurate.

We roast 5 or 6 days a week, every week, 52 weeks a year – it never stops and we maintain our faultless record in daily shipments of fresh roasted coffee beans to customers all around Australia – there is no such thing as a 3 day lead time for us – you order it today it’s ready tomorrow – custom roasted, custom packaged and custom delivered in record time.