Carlini Coffee understand that customers will always have unique requirements.

Our directors have worked in large national and international organizations for more than 30 years – over this time frame we have learned valuable lessons about how flexibility and offering solutions are fundamental to any successful business relationship.

We want to deliver results for our clients – helping them grow and prosper – it’s a very important cultural thing for us when we work with customers.

Our engineering and project heritage are immediately evident when you first engage – we leverage experience and knowledge to guide through the pathways to solution.

You will be impressed with our depth and breadth of knowledge of the Australian coffee industry, the current state of the market and in particular the finer details of what it takes to create a competitive, successful, differentiated beverage product.

Rather than take a fixed product and attempt to match it to a customer requirement, we look at how we can take the client needs and develop a result.

To achieve these objectives, we have invested in best-in-class, modern specialty coffee roasting plants, installed within a climate controlled, sealed roasting environment in Melbourne, Australia – ensuring consistent results. Our roasting facility is fully redundant and we have methods of dealing with quality management that more most of coffee roasting companies in Australia simply cannot provide – this is our competitive advantage and our secret.

We have three(3) of the best-in-class roasting platforms – all of them are fully computer-controlled and specifically designed for the highly flexible operations associated with contract and private label roasting, or specialty grade precision.

These roasting platforms each have more than 250 separate profile recipes configured – substantially optimized over 14+ years of experience, enabling us to roast any green coffee beans, rare or exotic single origins, or custom blends with perfect consistency.

Most Australian roasters limit themselves to just one or a few regular coffees and many are simply unable to cope with the vast array of changing variables relating to different origins, varietals, processing methods, bean moisture and density levels.

It should come as no surprise that even despite this digital age we live in, the majority of coffee companies are primarily reliant on manual processes (or the olfactory senses of “hand/eye/smell”) are in fact really just “flying by the seat of their pants” when it comes to new or different coffees.

Sorry to rain on the parade but this whole “artisan” approach of hand-crafted is actually a big fat lie when it comes to coffee roasting. Its a manufacturing business – can you imagine a hand-built car……of course, it would be different from vehicle to vehicle…….and so the same applies to coffee roasting.

You simply cannot run a commercial business, with the expectation of consistency and quality demanded by customers, using manual processes. In fact, when we see companies promoting this “feature”, invariably, they are also the companies that fail to provide a consistent roasted product week after week or hide behind that convenient excuse of “seasonal” – which of course is an explanation for why the coffee was different to the last batch.

We solved this challenge many years ago and it’s not unusual for us to roast 15 – 20 different coffees every day, 6 days a week – each perfectly consistent.

Our available capacity for contract and private label roasting is over 1 ton per day with order turnaround time within 2-3 days (generally it’s a lot quicker turnaround and it depends upon the volume and packaging requirements), subject to green stock availability and commercial terms, etc.

We can create a unique or custom blend or provide access to our large range of green bean origins and proven blends.

All clients are confidential – this discretion ensures your business and brand remain anonymous.

Please kindly note – we do not sell raw (green) coffee under any circumstances.


It’s important to recognize that we cannot be all things to all people – no coffee supplier can provide a solution for every different type of customer – it’s impossible.

We focus exclusively on what we are exceptionally good at doing – roasting great coffee everyday.

Distractions like coffee equipment, plastering signage and logos everywhere, branded merchandise like cups and saucers and other non-coffee related incentive programs that do not actively contribute towards producing great coffee are left to the other suppliers who wish to play those games.

It’s also fair and reasonable to say that every customer has their own, unique set of requirements and just like every supplier is not the same we are upfront in saying that there may be cases whereby we respectfully decline to engage, or the process of conducting business becomes increasingly difficult for reasons that are outside of our direct controls.

We do not play at the bottom of the market in terms of price, e.g. trying to produce a coffee that is cheaper than everyone else. The quality of a coffee is directly related to the quality of the ingredients (raw coffee). If you want cheap and nasty it’s not something we can help you with……..we know that the market for poor tasting coffee is limited and do not wish to take the risk of being stranded with inventory that can’t be sold.


We discourage the practice of requesting free samples – those days are long gone I’m afraid – the current climate of tight margins, high overheads and compliance costs along with an ultra-competitive market, the concept of giving away free products to prove ourselves is no longer something we can entertain.

We have been around for more than a decade and we make great coffee, every day, without fail – we run a precise and stable business with engineering level process control.

Unless otherwise agreed, requests for samples will be charged at wholesale rates depending upon the grade of beans used in the samples and other factors that can be discussed at the time of engagement.