Unlike the wine industry that has been running competitive events for nearly 50 years, the competition scene for coffee has really only evolved over the last 15 years.

Since reaching a peak around 2015 - 2017 period, the interest levels by coffee brands to compete in coffee events has declined significantly since 2018.

The recent events in 2022 barely raised an eyebrow and nobody cared who won.

At the end of 2016, we decided to discontinue from participation in commercial coffee competitions.

It was a decision we made like so many of Australia's experienced coffee brands to stop competing. One coffee event hands out medals for submitting an entry, e.g. 400+ Bronze medals.

Ethical and moral brands could all see there was a lot of dodgy stuff going on - not by the event organizers, but sneaky brands submitting entries.

OK, so that might sound a bit like a bombshell claim, or bad feelings.

It's not. In fact, we left on a high winning the Royal Sydney Overall Event Champion in 2016.

To understand what we mean when we say "dodgy stuff", let's try to unpack this simply by explaining how unethical levels of systemic deception occur.

1. Coffee brand uses cheap, crappy coffee for their everyday offerings.

2. Buys a small amount of super-star expensive lots just for entering their existing coffee labels into a competition. Naturally, what's in the bag is not the same as what they sell ongoing.

3. Wins medals (rest of industry raises eyebrows and shakes heads).

4. Coffee brand markets win, trumpets success and slaps the medal artwork on their cheap, crappy, everyday coffees fooling the consumer.

5. Coffee brand gets away with it and does it again and again.

6. Consumers are lured into buying award winning coffee but are sold an entirely different product.

Not good for ethical folks. A reason why honorable brands have been turning away from events. Bait and switch is too easy to get away with.

Looking beyond the awards

We have been proud to receive awards for our substantially engineered blends and our precisely roasted Single Origin coffees.

These are coffees we roast everyday and ship fresh to our customers around Australia from our Melbourne coffee roastery.

More importantly, our winning entries are not special one-off, rare and exotic coffees.

There is definitely no "bait and switch" routine at Carlini Coffee.

If you are interested in reading more about coffee roasting competitions check out our blog here.

Our award winning coffees are the "real deal" products you can buy from us fresh roasted any day of the week at the most competitive pricing.