Everything we do is about achieving high quality and consistency.

In designing our roastery, we addressed a number of variables relating to external environmental conditions that can affect the roasting process.

Melbourne experiences considerable changes in weather patterns - sometimes four seasons in one day.

With temperature being the most sensitive aspect of roasting coffee, beans left a few seconds too long in the roasting chamber can mean the difference between good and great.

Fluctuating ambient temperatures affect both the drop temperature of a batch and the post-roast cooling and degas periods.

Most roasting equipment is installed in open warehouses - subjecting the systems to the elements and introducing variables that roasting equipment operators must constantly monitor and compensate.

We have undertaken some extensive enhancements to our facility to eliminate pollutants such as dust and air particles that are commonly found in commercial areas produced by neighboring manufacturing or service facilities.

Feeding our roastery are large cooling systems allowing our facility to remain at a comfortable 22 degrees when the outside temperature can reach 40 degrees.

Inside our roasting facility, we have installed a specially designed venting systems to ensure clean, fresh air is being used for both combustion and airflow through the roaster equipment.

Our green beans are kept in a specially controlled low humidity storage at low physical heights (nothing higher than 2 metres from the floor) to ensure we are not subjecting the beans to excessive heat during the warmer seasons. Carlini Coffee Company are the only medium or large company to do this......everyone else stores their green and roasted beans up high on racks where it can be up to 15 deg C warmer.

We have also deployed cool room systems to maintain our sensitive products at a controlled constant temperature.

All these measures create a major gap between our quality standards and the rest of the industry. These features enable our products to remain consistently great, all year round.