The role of brands in retailing is changed

Private label branded products have grown to become a large segment of business.

Australia's dominant supermarkets have been doing private label in almost every product category for a long time.

The popularity of Private Label products continues to intensify as private label offerings generate higher profitability for retailers.

Retailers tend to offer better pricing and shelf availability for their own private label lines.

No wonder the supermarkets aim to reach targets of 40% private label sales in each category.

Some retailers also deploy phantom branded products. Aldi is particularly adept at building a large array of in-house owned brands.

In some cases, the private label offering may look remarkably similar to the market leading brand in that category.

Picking a winner

When it comes to roasted coffees, our private label process leverages one or more of our existing product specifications.

This method allows Private Label companies to use our well proven and high performing product without risks and costs of developing new coffees from scratch.

In effect, the customer benefits from our deep levels of coffee roasting expertise, ingredients sourcing, packaging and logistics. 

A private label coffee roasting arrangement allows clients to access our developed intellectual property at effectively zero cost.

When it comes to coffee packaging in your choice of materials or format, we may require testing of your packaging to ensure it passes quality standards during production.

Private Label Capacity

We can offer up to 1.5 tons per day capacity for whole beans, subject to conditions and confidential discussions, or approx. 4 tons per week.

Ground coffee is a challenging and complex product, especially in volumes.

Our preference is to avoid packaging ground coffees, however, we are able to process 500kg per day of ground coffees for clients requiring bulk packaging.

Roasted coffees produced by us are sold around Australia in retail stores, online and overseas (although our export activities have scaled back in recent years during the pandemic).

How to engage

Our Private Label solutions are available to clients where there is an existing, proven operation and distribution system in place.

Unfortunately, we do not supply Private Label services to new startup or online coffee brands as MOQ's apply.

For clarity, Private Label coffee roasting solutions are not "drop shipping" services - we do not offer drop-shipping services to online brands.