Experience = consistent quality

Winning medals and awards may help towards assuring customers you have what it takes to deliver a quality product.

But it's just a 1 trick pony and not the whole story when it comes to the highly variable product called roasted coffee.

One thing is certain - nothing stands still in the world of coffee.

The ingredients are constantly changing, conditions we roast under (weather) always change and consumers tastes and preferences shift in remarkably short cycles.

Whether it's a quality coffee to enjoy at home, great beans for the workplace or office, or a cafe needing cutting-edge coffee solutions that stand out from the competition.

Chances are, we are likely to have a perfect solution for you.


Every year many hundreds of different raw/green bean lots are imported by Australian coffee brokers.

Each lot has distinctly different cup characteristics, price and available quantity.

This large range of choice presents the first challenge or dilemma to the coffee roaster or coffee brand owner - green bean selection.

It's not easy, but with experience there are many ways to reduce risks and buy well.

Sometimes the reality or perception of quality can be different.

An expensive bean with a high cup score does not guarantee those important people paying for the end beverage, the coffee drinker, will indeed like it.

How many times have we seen and heard stories of hyped up coffees or brands failing to satisfy expectations.

Great coffees have a lovely balance and often it's that balance which is never easy to create.

It can be really easy to take great raw coffees and roast them badly. Unfortunately, the inverse can't always be true - taking bad ingredients and roast it perfectly never creates an amazing cup.

Storage of the raw coffees is critical for maintaining quality and consistency - a simple fact overlooked or disregarded by a majority of coffee roasting companies. For Carlini Coffee, storage is just as important as quality of ingredients and skill of roasting.


Around 90% of our green beans are purchased from the major Australian brokers.

The remainder is spread between Direct Trade and the small Tier 2/3 brokers when something unique and interesting is offered.

A reason we spread across many brokers is to reduce risks of defective product quality and provide a broader menu of choices.

Our green bean selection process is stringent - we allocate around 8+hrs every week to managing green bean sourcing.

Every month we purchase many new coffees and each lot must be fully evaluated.


If you are a specialty cafe or private label client and serious about quality, have you ever asked yourself "who is person roasting my coffee and how much skin do they have in the game ?".

  • Is it the smartly-dressed, smooth-talking sales person sitting in front of you offering incentives.
  • Or is it the media-hungry coffee company owner promising the world and showing off.
  • Does your existing coffee supplier retain the talent of roasting or do they promote the delivery driver into a production role so they can "look after the roasting".
  • Is the person roasting your coffee employed with the correct incentives to make a perfect product ?
  • Roasting coffee is one of the hardest gigs around. It's back breaking, cold, hot, dusty, smokey - you must concentrate 100% at all times. Rarely do people stick at roasting coffee for more than a few years because it smashes your body with injuries. Turnover of roasting staff is high - all that knowledge and experience goes out the door.
  • Most people roasting coffee end up leaving to start their own coffee brand.

Roasting great coffee is all about experience.

Never from freaky talent. Absolutely not from a classroom or researching the internet.

It's also certainly not some long-held whispered secret passed down through generations that most European producers like to fool you into believing.

Generally speaking, the average level of roasting experience for the person producing the coffee at Australian coffee companies is literally 18 months. That's about 2 years too short in our opinion.

Experience is one thing - delivering a consistently high quality product is another.

Many large coffee companies can't retain their roasting staff. So the skills and experience are constantly walking out the door, along with their product quality and consistency.

Who do you trust to roast your coffee ?