Australia is a challenging terrain when it comes to transit infrastructure and logistics - we are a population spread around a large country serviced by varying levels of freight performance and the further you get outside of the major capital cities, the more likely you are to experience longer transit times on parcels.

We send more than 50,000 individual consignments, totaling more than 75 tons of freight around Australia each year and another 26+ tons of freight in our own fleet.

All courier freight is tracked for parcel security.

Over the last 15 years we have seen the freight landscape change considerably.

Once it was generally safe to send parcels via any of the major freight providers. Unfortunately, the current list of freight providers range from barely acceptable to atrocious - long transit times, damaged consignments, lost parcels, re-delivery fees, difficult or impossible claims systems and a general lack of accountability when it comes to transit insurance, etc.

The most concerning trends are that customers expect parcels to arrive instantly - especially interstate and we are also seeing ever increasing rates of damaged parcels from the mechanical handling systems employed by freight companies in their distribution depots. The other worrying trend is difficulty in obtaining a signature as Proof Of Delivery (POD) - people are rarely home or they arrange for a parcel to be sent to their workplace mailroom.

Today, we prefer to use TNT Road and Overnight Express for all Business to Business freight. The Overnight service is dependent upon parcel size and/or agreements in respect to any specific surcharges.

Australia Post is used for the majority of our consumer parcel deliveries. Over a long period of time, AusPost have proven to offer the most reliable, efficient service with the greatest reach around Australia.

Many courier companies only operate in certain areas of Australia and "hand-off" to 3rd Parties outside of their major routes. This creates tracking issues especially when things go wrong.

Australia Post continues to invest into improvements and additional features for their business parcel service, offering useful options to customers - such as easier collection, defined delivery days and times, etc.

At different times of the year, transit times are affected by seasonal issues such as holidays, inclement weather like flooding, etc. These can slow delivery timeframes anywhere from a few days to a week.

All of our freight is charged on a cost-only basis. We do not profit from freight services and in many respects we carry some of the risks associated with damaged or missing consignments.

Due to our location, we directly benefit from the privilege of being able to lodge daily directly to a key metropolitan hub. It means we can generally eliminate a day of transit time on parcels.

When we lodge parcels, a tracking notification is sent to the customer allowing them to follow the progress of their consignment.