Australia has always presented as a challenging terrain when it comes to transit infrastructure and logistics.

We are a population that is well spread around a large physical are serviced by varying levels of freight performance.

Generally, the further you are outside of the major capital cities, a more likely experience of longer transit times on parcels. That's the unfortunate truth as courier companies prefer to concentrate in areas where population density and shorter distances prevail.

We send over 70,000 individual consignments, exceeding 90 tons of freight around the whole of Australia each year. This excludes about 26+ tons of freight that we transport via our own fleet.

All courier freight is tracked for parcel security.


Currently, we use either StarTrack or TNT Road Express services for all Business to Business (B2B) freight.

Australia Post is used for our consumer segment (B2C) parcel deliveries.

At various times of the year, transit time performance may be affected by seasonal events such as holidays, sales promotions like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Mother's Day, Easter, Father's Day, etc. inclement weather such as flooding, etc.

During these periods, slower arrival timeframes are expected and delays are outside of our control.

All of our freight is charged on a cost-only basis.

We do not profit from freight services and in many respects we carry some of the risks associated with damaged or missing consignments and we also absorb the surcharges for fuel, security and redelivery, etc.

One of the key advantages when partnering with Carlini Coffee is leveraging from our location.  We directly benefit from a privilege of lodging daily to a key metropolitan hub.

This means we can generally eliminate at least 1 or in some cases 2 days of transit time on parcels.

When we lodge parcels, a tracking notification is sent to the customer allowing you to follow progress of the order consignment.

From June 2022, our transit performance for B2C (direct to consumer) freight has improved by approx. 60% with AusPost enabling a new major distribution facility nearby. 

We can achieve delivery timeframes that are on average 1 to 3 days faster than our competitors as all our B2C freight now bypasses the frustrating delays at the Melbourne Parcel Facility (MPF).