This service is typically included as part of the consultation phase of a large Contract Roasting solution - depending upon the circumstances and requirements of the customer.

Custom blend development leverages considerable expertise and experience that we have built up over more than 15 years.

The coffee industry is highly competitive and the secrets to a winning blend are worth considerable $$ given the effort and cost to develop.

We are able to create blends using a variety of different engagement methods:

  • Definition of target cup profile and outcome
  • Matching an existing coffee
  • Creating a unique offering to differentiate in the market
  • Diagnosing problems with an existing coffee and suggesting options for improvements
  • Roasting a preferred or desired Single Origin
  • Roasting of samples - please note, these are not free and charged at wholesale rates depending upon the grade of beans used in the samples, or the type of engagement and relationship proposed.

We are happy to discuss any custom blending opportunity and remain flexible in our approach.

Minimum order quantities

We engage where customers require a minimum 100kg per week ongoing, e.g. 5 tons per year.

For those customers requiring a custom blend in volumes less than 100kg per week, we can assist you in transition across to an approved existing blend from our award winning portfolio. 

All our existing blends have been extensively optimized for flavor and sweetness.


We have more than 20 years of coffee blend development and roasting experience that can be leveraged.

In addition to those award winning skills, we also bring to the table an intimate knowledge of just about every type and varietal coffee that has been made available in Australia over the last 8 years.

For coffee companies that may be struggling to improve their coffee, our master roaster is available for consulting engagements that can offer you tangible and demonstrated opportunities for quality improvements - whether this involves evaluating and diagnosing issues with your current range of coffees, roasting equipment or ideas on new blend creations.

All work is undertaken on a strictly confidential basis by a seasoned professional that understands the critical importance of your brand and your reputation that must be upheld without fear or risk of negative exposure.

Min. engagement is 4 hours and rates can be discussed with prospective clients at the time of application.