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Silky smooth and delightfully rich

Quality focused coffee brands know the sheer potential for El Salvador to produce the smoothest and richest coffees with amazing sweetness.

But El Salvador is also a coffee origin where is can be really quite difficult to source due to ongoing challenges from lower yields and demand outstripping supply.

We always make a special effort to purchase El Salvador lots for a simple reason - we know our customers love El Salvador coffees. Truth is, so do we.

The secret to El Salvador's coffee greatness is undoubtedly the bourbon varietal for which it is famous.

Bourbon coffees are super sweet, soft, silky and generate rich flavor and complexity.

Our El Salvafor lot is a prized red bourbon.

With fine attributes of mandarin, bittersweet dark chocolate, almond butter and toffee, this combination tastes amazing in the cup.

Great in milk where the sparkling citrus acids dance on the palate.

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Christine W.
Locked in now

Wife loves this coffee so much we can't drink anything else.

Thank you Christine

Ping T.
We think it's the best

Good coffee and our pick of the best.

Well done Ping

Carol H.

An excellent coffee. Thoroughly recommended.

Thank you Carol

Wayne W.

Great cofffee. Buy again.

Thanks Wayne

Glen M.
Best value on the internet

Take the tip. This is great coffee and excellent value. Saved at least $30.

Thank you Glen