Peru Single Origin Coffee


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Underrated potential

We think Peru coffees have been underrated for such long time.

Similar in standing to Mexico, it was around 12 years ago that Peru coffee farmers started working to improve their reputation beyond being an "excellent blender".

Peru has so many great things going on.

For a start, Peru is one of the largest providers of certified Organic and Fairtrade coffees globally. In this regard, it's a titan.

Most of the Peru coffee we import is Organic, but not all of it. So we can't always claim that our Peru coffees are Organic.

A reason why Organic is such a big feature in Peru is due to difficulty terrain and limited infrastructure.

Peru coffee farmers must instead rely upon organic techniques as pesticides and fertilizers are not readily available or easily applied.

What we love about our Peru coffees is amazing sweetness with that clean, rounded chocolate finish.

Caramel, spice and milk chocolate. The key 3 elements of coffee heaven.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Steven H.
Family pleaser

Wife and kids like it. So do I.

Thank you Steven

Mimi D.
Just what I needed

Lovely coffee. So smooth and creamy.

Cheers Mimi

Brad Y.
All round goodness

Sent fast and arrived quickly. Smells do good and the taste is sweet and delicious

Thank you Brad

Lucy C.
Back again

Tasted so good. Coming back for more.

Thank you Lucy

Dwayne T.
Always good

Has been our #1 pick for years. Always great coffee from Carlini

Thanks Dwayne