Ethiopia Filter Roast Coffee


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Sweet black tea, honey and caramel.


Delicious honey.

A washed coffee from the same farm as our popular Ethiopia Yirgacheffe espresso roast but the coffee in this case is roasted using a different profile to suit the precise demands of premium quality filter style (lighter roast) brewing or extraction.

As a lighter style roast or more commonly referred to as "filter style", it's perfect for alternative brewing devices such as filter, drip, pour over, aeropress, immersion or for those espresso enthusiasts having good equipment (machine and grinder) and extraction techniques.

Filter style roasts display with less body (compared to a normal espresso roast) and a shorter finish (persistence) than normal espresso roast styles.

But the filter style roasts generate higher and sweeter acidity, more fruit complexity and increased clarity of flavors.

For customers desiring a traditional milk-based espresso beverage with dairy or dairy alternatives added, please consider selecting our other Ethiopia Yirgacheffe product available in the store that is roasted for normal espresso style.

Espresso enthusiasts experienced in using lighter roasted coffees can use this Ethiopia Filter Roast to produce a delicious brew.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fred B.
Bewing up a storm

In a cup this is so delicious.

Shah N.
Pour Over Perfection

Loved it, tastes great.

Caron L.
Great coffee

Wife likes her coffee sweet with 2 sugars. No more sugars honey we have this lovely honey coffee.

Anastasia K.
Love it

Our first time brewing in Aeropress and what a coffee to try with. Amazing.

Rochelle D.
Buttery goodness

Goodness me this is absolutely goodness in a cup