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Panama continues to reach new heights in quality, price and flavor.

It's now an expensive coffee, regardless of the grade, but that's for good reason.

Panama coffees are always on another level above most of the other Central and South American coffees.

This is measured in terms of sweetness and flavors. You can certainly taste quality in a Panama coffee.

Like Costa Rica, for many years Panama has been losing it's coffee growing lands to real estate development.

It's also a rapidly developing economy where the costs and standards of living are higher.

In fact, Panama is now a popular retirement option for US citizens seeking a relaxed and sunny lifestyle.

But for Panama coffee farmers, the higher prices being asked for their crop translates into greater demands for quality and flavor.

What we love about Panama coffees is that rich, luxurious sweetness from stone fruits and chocolates.

For this lot, we have an amazing dark chocolate note running through the cup and standing up prominently in milk based espresso.

Customer Reviews

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Lito M.
Will buy again

A great choice and highly recommended.

Appreciated Lito

Hunter M.

Such a lush and rich tasting coffee with excellent sweetness.

Thanks Hunter

Luke W.
Awesome coffee

It's awesome. Thanks

Appreciated Luke

Susan G.
Locked in now

Wife's mandate - Only Panama. Only Carlini. Take me to your leader !

Cheers Susan

Rhett W.

My friend recommended Carlini many years agao and we haven't looked back since.

Thank you Rhett