Papua New Guinea Specialty Coffee


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From our heart

Our history in dealing with fine quality PNG coffees goes way back to 1992.

Visiting the amazing highland coffee plantations, tasting wild grown coffees that were literally off the scale brilliant.

For sure, PNG is our true coffee soul mate. Forever.

So we don't hold way.

Our PNG coffees are a work of art. Brilliant and delicious in ways we just can't describe.

Think of PNG as our trademark or signature - a fingerprint in coffee.

Cherry, mandarin, cane sugar. Does it get any better ?

A complex, creamy and refined cup with a well balanced body, hints of tropical fruits and that long lingering brown sugar aftertaste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Greg Q.
Fast and furiously nice

Sent fast, arrived quickly, smelt amazing. Tastes wonderful. I'm hooked

Thank you Greg

Rhonda L.

They know their coffees. Roasted well, fresh and tastes like magic

Thank you Rhonda

Soyoung S.
The best so far

Was surprised at how well this coffee tasted. Drink PNG coffees for 30 years and this would be the best.

Thank you Soyoung

Renee P.
Make the switch

Was drinking supermarket junk for ages not realizing it was the coffee not me. Changed to Carlini and massive difference. Such a big improvement with fresh coffee

Thanks Renee

Mary G.
Sweet Plunger

Sweet and good flavor. Works well in our plunger

Cheers Mary