Organic Mixed Pack Coffee Capsules - 45


Taste Notes

Guatemals has red cherry and dark chocolate, Peru has Toffee and Colombia has caramel and milk chocolate. All sweet as.


Organic Nespresso Compatible Classic Capsules

A Mixed Pack containing 15x each of our 3 different premium Nespresso compatible, 100% arabica, fully-certified Organic coffee capsules.

You will receive 15x each of the sweetest tasting capsules from Colombia, Peru and Guatemala for a total of 45x capsules.

Roasted at our own facility in Melbourne and converted on our in-house capsule plant.

The capsules are sensationally sweet and delicious with flavors of toffee, caramel, cherry and dark chocolate.

  • Beautiful freshness - roasted at our Melbourne facility, packed in advanced capsule system to protect flavors and aromas.
  • Only 100% arabica, certified Specialty grade Organic coffees - zero chemicals, zero pesticides and zero fertilizers.
  • We control everything in-house. Sourcing raw coffee, roasting, de-gas, grinding, filling, packing, selling, dispatch. End-to-end quality control.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer and save.

Customers tell us our capsules are superior to anything else on the market.

Our capsules are sweet - not bitter, never bland or harsh. You can actually drink our capsule coffee black.


Our precision capsules are compatible with original (or classic) Nespresso systems.

This includes Inissia, Essenza Mini, Citiz, Pixie, Lattisima One, Lattisima Touch, Expert, Prodigio, U, Kitchen Aid, Latitsima Pro, Old Essenza. Creatista.

Sorry, our capsules will not suit Nespresso Vertuo, Nespresso Commercial (Professional), Aldi, CaffItaly, Lavazza Blue, Dulce Gusto, MAP, Phillips Senseo or some of the Illy proprietary systems. 

Our capsule base has been certified globally by HANSECONTROL 2020.

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Protective Shipper Bags for Capsules.

We care are about ensuring your order arrives in good condition. So we always use quality cartons (never satchels) to protect delicate items during transit.

All capsules are packed into a protective shipper bag containing 15x capsules each.

The protective shipper bag provides essential cushioning during transit.

protecting freshness

why our capsules taste amazing

It's not easy to protect against coffee going stale and there is a logical reason why Nespresso use a full aluminium solution in their coffee capsules.

You see, it's only metalized and specially engineered co-polymer materials that can protect volatile compounds of fresh roasted coffee from degrading via oxydization or effusion.

It may be a surprise to learn that currently bio, eco, compostible and recyclable capsule systems on the market do not provide effective barrier protection for preserving the freshness of coffee.

We tested - and they failed !

Those beautiful aromas and flavors in fresh roasted coffees will start escaping the moment bio capsules are created.

Fresh roasted coffee is unlike any other food ingredient. It begins degrading and staling within 15 minutes. This makes fresh roasted coffee a difficult product to keep in peak condition.

Everyone knows it is already difficult to produce strong flavored coffee in the small 5 gram dosage of a capsule. It's literally less than one third the dosage of a typical cafe beverage.

So when you buy capsules packed in eco materials they will have already gone stale, or almost there with flavor and aromas dimished.

We use a specially engineered co-polymer base manufactured in Europe from recyled plastics using less than 30% of the carbon footprint of aluminium,

This ensures a perfect barrier that protects against the loss of flavor and aroma.

It's not just the capsule base and lid solution that makes a difference, we also go to extreme lengths to "lock in" every bit of coffee goodness through advanced de-gas technologies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Toby S.
Good product and worthy of praise

These are good pods with nice tasting coffee brews. Well done you deserve the praise.

Susan F.
Nice tasting pods

The pods taste nice, there is sweetness when other brands taste bitter, these do not. I liked them if they had more bite.

Thanks for your review Susan.
Bite is not a desirable attribute for fine quality coffee.
In fact bite is a defect or negative feature.
So there is a balance or trade-off here to consider - more bite means the coffee has harsh taste which is not pleasant.
Less bite from higher quality ingredients and you end up with a smooth and sweet tasting brew.

Tony L.
Guatemala Gorilla

Guatemala was our pick of the best. A gorilla against the monkeys.

Robert D.
Best option

I like this product with 3 different flavors because I get bored easily with drinking the same stuff every day.

Jack L.
Good vibes

We took these pods on the road in our van and they worked well. Would recommend.