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Rare and exotic

We have always prided ourselves on sourcing the most exotic, rare and interesting coffees.

Whether it's Monsoon lots, heirloom or experimental processing techniques, we love to discover and master all different types of contemporary coffees, staying at the forefront.

It's no secret that Ethiopian Harrar coffees are some of the most difficult and challenging coffees to purchase, except for perhaps Cuban and Yemen.

The amount of Harrar offered for sale globally is really small. In fact tiny.

Some seasons there are no Harrar available. Back in 2014 we endured almost 4 years without any Harrar as the quantities and qualities were low, yet prices were outrageous.

It has to do with Harrar being grown from old heirloom varietals. These coffee trees are extremely delicate and easily damaged by adverse weather conditions. Drought is the biggest problem affecting African coffee farmers and nowhere is it more difficult than in Ethiopia.

With yields (the total volume of the crop) so low and the trees requiring a lot more effort and expense for crop management, Ethiopian farmers are shifting away from Harrar to more hardy species.

Yields on Harrar can be as low as half other varietals. You get the picture.

In some cases Ethiopian coffee farmers are moving away from Harrar coffee and planting other fruits or crop types that generate better returns.

We are so pleased and proud to offer this amazing Harrar available now - one of the best lots we have seen in 16 years.

Juicy red fruits, super clean and sweet, tons of rich syrupy body and with that delicious blueberry and chocolate finish. 

A standout coffee and true bucket list experience.

Grab it before we run out. Note, only available in 1kg bags.

Customer Reviews

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Gerald C.
Works a treat

Was surprised at how well this coffee performed in our Jura coffee machine. Back for more.

Thanks Gerry

Sophia I.

Love this coffee. Highly addictive.

Appreciate Sophia

Estella Y.


Thanks Estella

Darleene N.
Finally the one

At first I could not believe it..hits the spot for black espresso. Back for more.

Thank you Darleene

Mick T.
Fruity Tutti

Love the fruity notes in this coffee.

Thank you Mick