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Kenyan Coffees are the best

Kenyan coffee beans are our most powerful (and expensive) coffees. There is simply no contest.

Kenya has developed a reputation as the best quality coffees without peer

The Kenyan coffee farmers use some the most advanced techniques to ensure quality is maintained at every stage of the growing and harvesting of the coffee.

Kenyan Coffee - why it tastes different

Kenyan coffees are sold in a supervised auction system.

This ensures that the price premiums for Kenyan coffees are high.

The auction system means that if prices do not meet sufficient levels, Kenyan coffee farmers take the coffee off market and come back another week.

This means the auction system will never be a buyers market for Kenyan coffees.

The intensity of Kenyan coffees is at another level - unmatched in the global market.

Clean, high flavors of dark chocolate that surpass most other growing origin.

We love the rich, strong flavors of blackcurrant and chocolate producing an intense coffee with a long finish.

Customer Reviews

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Vex N.
Morning crank

Like my coffee strong and this hits the spot

Cheers Vex

Kristina K.
Love it.

Thanks for always shipping fast and the excellent coffee Carlini. Love ya work.

Appreciated Kristina

Susan D.

Deep chocolate drives me into heaven.

Thank you Susan

Carolyn B.

Arrived fast. Really fresh and smells great. Taste is excellent.

Cheers Carolyn

Donna T.

5 stars for flavor and taste.

Thanks Donna