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Clean, high flavors of dark chocolate that surpass most other growing origin.
We love the rich, strong flavors of blackcurrant and chocolate producing an intense coffee with a long finish.


We know that Kenyan Coffee is the best.

After 40 years of working with coffee, experience makes it easy to identify the best lots.

Kenyan coffee beans are our most powerful-tasting coffee.

There is no contest, and when it comes to premium-grade arabica, Kenya is king.

Kenya has developed a reputation as the best quality coffee without peer

The Kenyan coffee farmers are professionals who use advanced techniques to maintain peak quality at every stage of growing and harvesting.

Kenyan Coffee - why it tastes different

Kenyan coffees are sold in a supervised auction system, ensuring price premiums for Kenyan coffee are high.

The auction system means that if prices do not meet sufficient levels, Kenyan coffee farmers take the coffee off the market and return another week.

The tightly controlled Kenyan coffee auction system is never a buyer's market for Kenyan coffee, as sellers hold the upper hand.

The intensity of Kenyan coffees is at another level - unmatched in the global market. 

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Carlini Coffee explains how we roast your coffee for maximum taste and consistency.
What to expect from our style

How we roast your coffee

Twenty years of roasting every weekday, 51 weeks a year. Many batches and a level of experience unmatched in the Australian coffee market. The same person who roasts that very first batch is the same person who roasts every batch today. Another feature rarely matched for brands our size.

Roasting coffee has never been about freaky talent or secrets passed down through generations. Nope, to roast and understand the roasting process, it is all about practice, practice and more practice. There are no shortcuts, innovative tools, or systems to help jump ahead of the competition.

It's how we can produce Australia's best-tasting and most consistent coffee. Match that with superior quality ingredients, the most advanced infrastructure, and mature processes; you have the solution for great-tasting coffee. We roast to target sweetness, acidity, flavour, body and finish to generate the best possible balance across all those competing elements.

Our espresso style is a medium roast suitable for premium cafes that care about quality. Filter-style roasts are lighter to meet the demands of modern alternative brewing methods to retain fruit-forward complexity.

Carlini Coffee describes how our solution relies upon speed, freshness, quality and value equally.
Speed, freshness, quality or value

What is most important?

The answer is that they all are. It didn't take a pandemic to learn why speed, freshness, quality and value are all equally important.
Heck no. We worked that out in 2007 as the original pioneer of online premium quality fresh roasted coffees to Australian coffee lovers.

We get it. Running out of coffee is a nightmare scenario nobody wishes to experience. With 16 years and almost 1 million successful parcel deliveries under our belts, we know a thing or two about what it takes to run a high-performance and high-speed coffee supply operation.

To ensure our coffees are crazy fresh, barely hours old when they ship out the door, it requires significant scale and resources working rapidly to roast, pack, label, grind, parcel and ship. It's an eco-system we have continued to build and optimize for 16 years, measuring our performance in minutes, not hours and days, like some of our competitors.

Nobody can guarantee or predict delivery timeframes, but we assure you of our commitment to ship freshly roasted coffees prepared to precise quality standards at a competitive price and always processed with a critical sense of urgency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Olga Bilotska
Excellent Kenya

This Kenya coffee has a delightful strong aroma, no bitterness and beautiful acidity. Definitely the best of my Kenyan coffee purchases for the last year.

Frederick H.
Goodness me

Was not prepared to be amazed by any coffee until I tried this Kenya. Gee it is nice.

Trish S.

Zoom on in and grab this boomer of a coffee. Has everything we ever wanted in a brew.

Teresa A.

Like our coffee strong and this puppy delivered in spades. Perfecto

Tony B.
Bang on beauty

Blown away by the taste of this coffee. So rich and lush. Hard to imagine drinking anything else.