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Direct Trade Revisited


Over the last 18 months, the specialty coffee industry has increased it's attention and focus in the areas of sourcing Direct Trade coffees.

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Are we losing the identity of Sumatran coffees


Recent trends to "improve" upon the processing methods and techniques of Sumatran coffees are resulting in some mixed outcomes. OK, let me confess upfront I am a fan of quality Sumatran coffees. Sumatrans are an ugly looking green bean, they don't smell particularly nice in green or fresh roasted form and can at times have all sorts of various colours and shapes (screen size).

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Costa Rica Bakeoff


Most roasters use quite basic and rudimentary methods to evaluate and select beans. Unfortunately, many use price as a key criteria to their buying decisions - restricted to purchasing their beans within price-bands to ensure it fits into the operating budget so they have sufficient funds to spend on the stuff that means nothing to cup quality - like marketing and freebies that are demanded by cafes, etc. Some roasters rely solely on very small samples that are roasted by the brokers and sent in the mail to trial. We are talking here about 100 - 150g samples that are sent in waxed paper bags - reality is that these sample may provide some insight as to the bean character, but it is clearly an insufficient sample size to adequately evaluate a coffee bean's true potential. You can waste 100g trying to dial in the grinder properly, then you have 1 or 2 shots to taste the coffee - it's simply not enough.

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Developed a new technique that involves staggering the load of greens in a blend.


If you are looking for a great general purpose bean - one that is well-rounded, complete and offers the full flavor wheel.........what would you pick ? I've long thought about the concept of balance and equalization within the roast chamber when roasting blends. Of course, there are all sorts of reactions (up to 800 actually, or more than 4 times as many chemical transformations compared to wine) occurring during a roast cycle.

Developed a new technique that involves staggering the load of greens in a blend.2012-11-24T23:52:37+11:00
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